Sagarika Live at Diwali Show

  • Live Show at: Nabin Sagha, Saraswati Palli
  • Organizer: Saraswati palli Nabin Sangha Shyamapuja Committee
  • Date: 10th November, 2018

We would be proud to inform about the latest live performance of Singer, Songwriter Sagarika. Its was a quite awesome event which was arranged on a huge festival of Bengal “Shyamapuja” at Nabin Sagha, Saraswati Palli on 10th November 2018. There was almost 3000 crowd who were highly satisfied and excited with Sagarika’s performance. She make the audience dance on their foot.

Here Sagarika’s performance accompanied by 5 musicians – 1 lead guitarist, 1 base guitarist, 1 auctapad player, 1  Handsonic player and 1 Keyboardist. She sings a various cover songs about modern life from bollywood and regional movies. With her heart touching performance she reaches deep of the soulful expression of values. She mix up all skillfully blended into a seamless flow. One fan said “Its music from the heart that hits you right between the eyes.” 

“Its an overwhelming response which I have received from the crowd during and after my performance, I can’t even explain that in words…. Thanks to the People who spent their time to watch my performance… Also thankful to Mr. Bubai for introducing me and very thankful to the organizing committee for giving me this opportunity to perform in front of such a wonderful crowd….”

As quoted by Sagarika


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